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Nowadays, individuals and businesses fight for their place on the market. They strive to be as visible to their customers as possible. And the best way to do that is by having a great SEO strategy.

After this, it’s clear why search engine optimization has become very popular among companies. They work to make their sites recognized by the search engines and appear on the first page. However, nothing is as easy we think at first. There are numerous obstacles to overcome and problems to solve.

For this reason, you need an SEO expert to help you out, like Welpi. If you’re living in the Los Angeles area and you require these services then pay close attention to these SEO problems and how your expert should solve them.

Duplicate content

All search engines look for unique and quality content when they decide which sites to rank. This is why you’ll encounter a big problem if you post duplicate content. Whether it’s the same phrases, paragraphs or even whole posts, your site won’t get the highest spots.

Also, you’ll confuse the engines as to which page to rank first. The pages with duplicate content will make a real mess in their ranking algorithm. So, definitely choose an SEO expert Los Angeles that’ll check your website and wipe out all the duplicates.

Broken links

It’s not pleasant at all to encounter a 404 error page while exploring a site. Not only that it’ll chase away all visitors, but the search engines will consider you as unprofessional, as well.

The real problem is if your site has a lot of dead ends and people constantly stumble upon a broken page. That’s when the search engines will notice those pages instead of the useful and high-quality ones on your site. And you totally don’t need this negative attention in your SEO strategy.

That’s why, it’s best to hire an expert that’ll keep both your internal and external links working.

SEO-unfriendly images

It’s common thinking that a great picture can rank people high on search engines. That’s why they put all the bright colors, the attractive texts and interesting clip arts to create the ultimate image for the site. However, an image is an image to a search engine. After all, it’s an algorithm working in there and not a human’s eye.

In order to put the images in Google’s friends list, a true SEO expert will masterfully use the coding languages. The images only need a bit of HTML, a couple of web fonts and CSS and the work would be done.

No mobile optimization

If a business wants to succeed, it has to have a website that’s optimized for desktop computers and mobiles alike. Full stop. It’s a fact in this new SEO-era of marketing. If the site doesn’t look good on the small screens, the users will most likely abandon it and so will the search engines.

This is where the SEO expert comes in to do his/her trick and fit your site on all screens.

What do you think? Have you encountered any of these problems? Share your thoughts with us at Welpi!